XHUMA Packages

Get Going

  • Enhance Administration
  • Release your organisation of manual systems and Excel
  • View and categorise data in interesting interactive ways
  • Enable multiple users on different devices
  • Enter new Data directly on line and update in real time
  • Enable online interactive list of members
  • Benefit from industry class on-line storage and security infrastructure

Data Intensive

  • Facilitate Professional Development
  • Get all Get Going Features
  • Create a Professional Community
  • Engage non-member (and member) suppliers of opportunities, events and profession related information
  • Interactively manage Certification updates with Members
  • Communicate with entire member-base, groups or individuals
  • Track and manage new registrations and payment data, on-line

Premium Plus

  • Optimise Value to Members and Stakeholders
  • Get all Data Intensive Features
  • Get an integrated professional organisational Website
  • Gain access to analytics, data visualisation and mapping tools
  • Increase member engagement
  • Easily Track Professional Development Credits
  • Support for data-driven decision making and continuous improvement

Comparison Table

Features Get Going Data Intensive Premium Plus
Integrated Organisational Website
Interactive On-line Membership Listing
Board Organisation Portal
Best-in-Class Cloud Storage and Infrastructure
Firewall and Encryption-based Security
Member Data Searching and Reporting
Off Platform Alerts (email/SMS)
Broadcast and InMail Messaging
Case Management
On-line Registration (new members)
On-line Payment Tracking Module
Automatic Online Renewal
Member Portal
Historical Data Upload
Management of Events
Management of Opportunities
Continuous Professional Development
Geo-Spatial Data Mapping Analytics and Reporting
Member Data and Activity Analytics Reporting
Tele & Video Conferencing
Non-Member Stakeholder Portal
XHUMA Healthcare Get Going – Enhance Administration

The Get Going Package allows Membership Organisations to virtualise their data. This enables more flexible working and access to the data at any time, by any authorised user (Board / Council member and / or administrative staff) via remote access using a range of devices. It also ensures that everyone is working with and looking at the latest set of data, and that each person can pick up where they left off, if they change location, or access the system from another device. Due to the cloud-based nature of the platform, you always have the latest version and features of the software available, all with safe back-ups of data with industry grade firewall and security protection

With Get Going you can do away with Excel and other static ways of capturing and viewing your data. You get access to a series of live searching and reporting features as well as the ability for staff to enter new data directly into each member account. When coupled with the off-platform notification, analytics, and visualisation options you can easily graph member data, send bulk e-mails or SMS notifications to members, as well as see the location density of your membership on map reporting tools.

XHUMA Healthcare Data Intensive – Facilitate Professional Development and Advancement

Many Membership Organisations see an aspect of their role as aiding members in their professional development and advancement.

With the Data Intensive Package, clients get access to the Membership Portal which facilitates the creation of an on-line professional community. Each member is provided with an enhanced professional profile which is like onto a comprehensive on-line professional resume through which members can ensure that their information is up-to-date and accurate.

Both members and the umbrella organisations will have access to streams of professional development and career opportunities as well as networking and other types of events posted by members of the community as well as related organisations. In this version of the platform there is much less data entry work on administrative staff and there is much greater ease of communication with the entire community.

Now that membership are active participants linked into the same platform, information exchange costs are greatly reduced as costs related to envelopes, paper, snail-mail, voice calls [incl. telemarketing], photocopying, even newspaper ads and TV spots become redundant as a way of getting information to out to the membership-base.

Data Intensive also comes with the ability to register new members – including multi-user collaboration for evaluation – and to track member payments online.

XHUMA Healthcare Premium + – Optimise Your Stakeholder Eco-System

With the Premium + Package all services are included at one low price. This includes a revamp of your existing public website, the full service XHUMA Platform with all options included as well as a dashboard view for the Membership Organisation which includes a series of analytics and reports on member activity, payments and flexible mapping tools, enhanced security and storage availability. Also included are off-platform alerts which can be used to further drive membership participation and engagement. The reporting tools help administrators gain deeper insights into what drives value for their members and thus can be used as a basis for new initiatives for continuous improvement thus growing revenue as well as membership satisfaction.

With the Premium + Package clients get the Stakeholder which extends the reach of the network beyond the membership-base. The stakeholder portal allows non-member entities such as insurers, pharmacies, private hospitals, vendors, development agencies, Ministries of Health and other key eco-system partners to be integrated into the overall profession network. The integration of such stakeholders can exponentially increase the value that the Council or Board can facilitate on behalf of its members. From learning and career opportunities, to personal and practice insurance, to exploiting centrally negotiated member benefits and discounts with service providers, this portal is the ultimate opportunity to engage membership and the profession as a whole in mutually rewarding and beneficial exchanges.

Specific benefits include access to:

  • Non-member Stakeholder portal
  • Geo-spatial analytical tools
  • Mobile App
  • Physical Membership Card
  • On-line credit Card Payment Processing